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Ethylene Urea cas 120-93-4

Assay: 99% for pharma grade, 96% for industry grade

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Packaging: 25kg/drum , 25kgs/bag

Capacity: 3000MT/year

Sample: Available


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Ethylene Urea

Ethylene Urea Quick Details

Chemical Name:2-Imidazolidone

Other name: Ethylene Urea

CAS No.: 120-93-4

Molecular Fomula:C3H6N2O

Molecular weight:86.09

Chemical Structure:2-Imidazolidone Structure

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Assay: 99% for pharma grade, 96% for industry grade

Ethylene Urea Typical Properties

Items Specification Results
Appearance White crystalline powder Confirms
Assay, % ≥99.0 99.28
Solubility Easily soluble in water Confirms
Melting point,°C ≥129.0 131
Loss on Drying, % ≤0.50 0.35

Ethylene Urea Application

1, This product is mainly used in various kinds of formaldehyde removing reagent, eg.: for resinous products, high effect formaldelhyde removing detergent, long-term formaldehyde dissolution intermediate, formaldehyde removing for rubber, leather, textile, coating, and photocatolyst etc.; In addtion, it can be used in textile anti-crease finish, anti tearing finish.
2, In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as many kinds of antibiotics intermediate, such as Mezlocillin, Azlocillin, it also can be used as intermediated of medicine for snail fever and basic material for 3G penicillin.
3, In biological industry, it can be used for producing growth regulator for plants, disinfectant, inhibitors, herbicide etc.

Ethylene Urea Packing

25KG chipboard drum lined with double-layer polyethylene film.

Ethylene Urea Storage

Keep away from fire and heat. Sealed and stored in a cool, dry environment, protected from moisture. Avoid coexistence with oxides.

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