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2-hydroxyethyl acrylate cas 818-61-1

Assay: 91%,93%,95%,97%
Appearance: colorless liquid
Capacity: 1000tons/month
Packaging: 200kg/ drum, 1000 kg IBC drum
Sample: available

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2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate

2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate Quick Details

Chemical Name: 2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate/Hydroxyethyl acrylate/2-HEA

CAS No.: 818-61-1

Molecular Formula: C5H8O3

Chemical Structure:2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate Structure

Molecular weight:116.12

Appearance:colorless liquid

Assay: 91%,93%,95%,97%

2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid
Specific gravity(20/210F) 1.1098
Freezing point <-70℃
Boiling point 82/5mmHg
Viscosity 5-15
Flash point 99℃
Assay (GC) 91%,93%,95%,97%
Ester content 99%min

2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate Usage

(1)Resin:The active diluent and crosslinking agent used in the radiation curing system can also be used as resin crosslinking agent, plastic or rubber modifier.

(2)Caoting: It is mainly used in the manufacture of thermosetting acrylic coatings, light curing acrylic coatings, photosensitive coatings, adhesives, textile processing agents, paper processing, water quality stabilizers and polymer materials. It has the characteristics of less consumption, but can significantly improve the performance of products.

(3)The product can be copolymerized with many monomers, such as acrylic acid and ester, acrolein, acrylonitrile, acrylamide, methacrylonitrile, vinyl chloride and styrene. The product can be used to treat fiber, improve the water resistance, solvent resistance, crease resistance and waterproof of the fiber, and also be used in the manufacture of good thermosetting coatings and synthetic rubber. Glue, used as a lubricant additive, etc. In the aspect of adhesives, copolymerization with vinyl monomers can improve the bonding strength. In paper processing, acrylic emulsion used for coating can improve its water resistance and strength.

(4) The product can be copolymerized with many monomers such as acrylic acid and ester, acrolein, acrylonitrile, acrylamide, methacrylonitrile, vinyl chloride, styrene, etc., and the obtained product can be used for treating fibers, improving the water resistance of the fiber, Solvent resistance, crease resistance and water resistance.

(5) It is also used to manufacture thermosetting coatings, synthetic rubbers, and additives for lubricating oils.

(6) In terms of a binder, copolymerization with a vinyl monomer improves the bonding strength.

(7) In the paper processing, the acrylic emulsion for coating can improve its water resistance and strength.

2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 200kg/ drum , 1000 kg IBC drum

Delivery: UN 2922

DG class: 8 6.1 class

2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate storage

Stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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